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Oriental Weavers Rugs

Oriental Weavers Rugs

Industry leaders in affordable machine-woven area rugs, Oriental Weavers continues to impress with cutting edge technology that allows a power loom to capture the look of high-end Oriental Rugs in affordable, and often times, more durable renditions of the real thing. Their use of synthetic fibers (Poly and Nylon) make for practical, easy-to-clean area rugs in a wide range of patterns and styles. But the good news doesn't stop there; Oriental Weavers continually pushes the limit of their looms to embed fashion-forward colors, and a lot of them, into each of their rugs, creating a more authentic and natural appearance.

As a Certified Dealer of Oriental Weavers rugs, Incredible Rugs and Decor is proud to carry the full line of Oriental Weavers Area Rugs. 

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