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10' x 14' Area Rugs

The 10' x 14' area rug has never been more popular. With newer homes consisting of larger rooms, higher ceilings, and hard surface floors, a great big rug is the answer for making these large spaces more livable.

With plenty of square footage to accommodate over-sized furniture, the 10' x 14' rug size can accommodate large living rooms, giant dining tables, large bedrooms, and great for the kids in the game room. Also a great way to cut down on noise and echo in an open floor-plan home.

Check out a small sample or 2x3 to make sure the color and texture is right for you, then order this giant rug size and give yourself plenty of time to adjust to a big change in color and style once you unroll it. If it's not exactly right, let us know. We'll help coordinate it's return, as needed.

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